Derwent Lodge has a vibrant and valuable Art Department. Its energetic and creative approach motivates pupils, encouraging each child to use their various abilities fully and reach full creative potential. This taking place in a stimulating, happy and caring environment, which promotes an enquiring approach and develops confidence in every individual.

Art work is project based according to the ages and abilities of the children and follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum. Each year group follows a series of themes such as line, tone or colour, using a variety of approaches. Time is spent on research and preparatory studies including relevant artists. The amazing environment of the buildings and extensive grounds are used as a source of inspiration. Links with other subjects are encouraged. Visits to national exhibition centres and workshops by visiting artists enrich the curriculum.

Facilities for classes are in large converted rooms in the Art Attics with smaller rooms for independent working. Computer facilities are on hand for project work. The pottery room contains a large kiln and an interactive white board is a recent acquisition in the Exhibition Area. This display space is used for exciting exhibitions throughout the Schools which are open for parents and friends to visit.

Art is never static and this is mirrored in our department: modern developments provide us with new inspirations to explore. Art is treated as a visual language which enables the communication of ideas. The children at Somerhill are climbing the Art ladder very successfully.

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