The Derwent Lodge PE Department aims to provide a quality Physical Education programme in a happy, stimulating and secure environment. Opportunities are offered that promote a positive attitude towards participation in sport.

Activities ensure that pupils have the chance to develop a full range of basic movement skills, whilst increasing their knowledge and understanding of the importance of physical activity. Sport has a high profile at Derwent Lodge and the girls enthusiastically participate in lessons, clubs, team practices and matches. There is a real sense of community with a healthy emphasis on respect for one and all.

Michaelmas and Lent Terms sports programme 

In the Michaelmas term, the emphasis in Games lessons is on hockey and cross-country. In the PE lesson, the girls participate in gymnastics and games skills. Years Three and Four have a lesson of swimming every week throughout the year, and Years Five and Six swim for half of each term. Hockey fixtures are made for Years Five and Six in the Michaelmas term.

Netball is taught in both winter terms, and is the major sport for the Lent term, although some fixtures take place in the Michaelmas term. Cross-country matches are spread over both terms. In the PE lesson in the Lent term, the girls have tennis lessons in the Bickmore Hall to begin with, and then outside. The juniors have weekly lessons from January, and the seniors start lessons at half term, instead of swimming.

Interhouse hockey tournaments take place in December (for Year Four and above); cross-country in January, and swimming and netball in March.

Netball clubs and team practices take place on a weekly basis throughout the two terms either at lunchtime or after school. Hockey clubs are offered after school in the first half of the Michaelmas term. Swimming clubs take place on a weekly basis after school for anyone who wishes to improve their swimming, and additionally, there is a senior swimming squad from September to March for selected swimmers.

Summer Term sports programme

The major activities taught in the summer term are rounders, athletics and tennis. Swimming continues on a weekly basis for Years Three and Four, and the senior girls have lessons for half a term. Sports Day is the main Interhouse competition of the term and every girl chooses at least two events to take part in. There is also Interhouse rounders at the end of term.

Rounders skills clubs take place at lunchtimes. We also offer rounders, swimming and athletics clubs after school.

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