“We know that History matters, that it is thrilling, absorbing, fascinating, delightful and infuriating…” (Stephen Fry). At Derwent Lodge we love our History!

We aim to instil a deep interest in History from an early age. Year Three trek as far back as the earliest civilisations, delving into the lives of people from the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt.

 Year Four will cover the Ancient Greeks, then charge through the invasions of the Anglo Saxons which will include a visit from a local workshop involving lots of dressing up and craftwork.

Year Five will also get to experience trips and workshops over the course of the year as they study Invaders and Settlers.  

And Year Six head back to the early 1900’s where they will discover what life was like in Britain during World War I.  They will also have the chance to consider life outside Europe when examining the Mayans. 

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