Roll of Honour

At Tyne Cot on our French Trip at the grave of a Yardley Courtier

The Michaelmas Term Head Boy, with his deputies, during the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the entrance to the Garden of Memory Nov 11th 2011

The Yardley Court Cubs at Remembrance Day Ceremony Nov 11th 2011

We remember with much gratitude and respect Yardley Courtiers who have given their lives in the service of their country. In all we lost 44 Old Boys or Masters in World War One and 63 in World War Two.

Each alternate year the boys, as part of their trip to France, find the names and/or graves of Yardley Courtiers on the Menin Gate and at Tyne Cot Cemetery and all three schools take part in our wreath laying ceremony each November 11th at the entrance of the Garden of Memory. There at the entrance the visitor will see two plaques with the names of those who died in the wars in various branches of the armed forces.

Below are those names and, where it is known, the places where those Yardley Courtiers are either buried or mentioned. Where further information is held on an individual by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, a link to that page of the CWGC website has been set up; simply click on the name.

We welcome any further information which will help us to add in any way to this page and hope soon to be able to include any lost in any conflicts other than the World Wars; please contact us through the contacts page on this website.



Yardley Courtier Where Buried/Mentioned
Alfred Euan Allies Panel 77 to 80, Helles Memorial
Edward John Austin Screen Wall. 129. 647, Manor Park Cemetery
Francis Cedric Balcombe Addenda Panel, Tyne Cot Cemetery
Hugh Reginald Bell VIII. K. 3, Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez
Gordon Alick Birdwood Sp. Mem. 20., Vailly British Cemetery
John Gordon Brown VI. I. 5., Ration Farm Military Cemetery, La Chapelle Darmentieres
Eric James Kershaw Buckley II. 2. 4., Flushing (Vlissengen) Northern Cemetery
Sidney Leslie Cannon B. 83., Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery
John de Carrick Cheape II. A. 22., Hamel Military Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel
John Waterhouse Children Vimy Memorial
George Earnest Lister Cressey Panel 44 and 45, Loos Memorial
Cecil Croucher V. B. 6., Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty
Hugo Warncliffe Freeland Union St. Graveyard No. 1 Cem. Mem. 8., Birr Cross Roads Cemetery
Charles Clement Ford I. I. 67., Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps
Clive Griffin 0.24., Selonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery
Eustace Hammick O. 266., Cairo War Memorial Cemetary
Ernest Hammick Face 30., Madras 1914 - 1918 War Memorial, Chennai
John Hanmer VII. B. 10., Nierderzwehren Cemetery
William Baker Hervey C. 172/173., East Sheen Cemetery
John Sheffield Holroyde C. 2/3., Solesmes Communal Cemetery
Cyril Bickford Isard Panel 196 and 197., Helles Memorial
Alexander Jennings Arras Flying Services Memorial
John Buchanan Kitchin III. K. 12., Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun
Cecil George Lachlan Thiepval Memorial
Patrick Lionel Lethbridge Panel 53 to 56., Loos Memorial
Francis Arthur Malet Naval. 23. 1196., Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery
Eustace Alfred Morey Nichols V. A. 2., Guards Cemetery, Les Boeufs
Claude Noyes Unknown
Rowland Maund Ombrain Unknown
George Robert John Parkinson Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton
Stephen Ralph Perry Pier and Face 13 A and 13 B., Thiepval Memorial
Neville Henry Rogers Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton
John Charles Reginald Rose D. 2. 4., Bailleul Communial Cemetery (Nord)
Charles Frederick Noel Sealy Ypres, (Menin Gate) Memorial
Michael Topham Arras Flying Services Memorial
Cyril Francis Frederick Twynam VIII. P. 10., Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez
John Henry Walden Vincent II. A. 52., Shrapnel Valley Cemetery
Neville Lascells Ward I. C. 4., Hautrage Military Cemetery
Aubrey Webster Unknown
James Stanley Lightfoot Welch D. 66., Queen's Cemetery, Puisieux
Oswald Wightwick Plot 2. Row J. Grave 4A., Le Treport Military Cemetery
Sydney Wightwick I. C. 1., Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery and Extension
Edward Maurice Winch Plot 1. Row D. Grave 6., Le Treport Military Cemetery
Gordon Spivey Woodhead B. 17., Fampoux British Cemetery


Yardley Courtier Where Buried/Mentioned
Charles Augustus Wallis Allford
IV. F. 9., Florence War Cemetery
Anthony James Atkinson
Eur. War Graves Plot. Grave 159., Harare (Pioneer) Cemetery
Vyvien Quentery Blackden
Plot C. Row 10. Grave 260., Lemsterland (Lemmer) General Cemetery
Gavin Carfrae Borradaile
9. K. 11., Berlin 1939 - 1945 War Cemetery
John William Thomas Bromham Coll. grave 2. C. 9-12., Kiel War Cemetery
John Michael Bryan
VII. G. 5., Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery
Richard Claude Harold Cantin
1. A. 14., Sage War Cemetery
Humphrey Yale Chard
Grave 62., Marham (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Murray Whitmore Christie
IA. J. 15., Ranville War Cemetery
Alan Ross Crowther
Coll. grave 6. D. 25-27., Durnbach War Cemetery
Cedric Owen Dunkels
17. F. 25., Rheinberg War Cemetery
Henry Snaith Dural
John Denis Elmore
3. G. 12., Becklingen War Cemetery
Eric Gordon Fraser
Grave 181., Leight (St Mary) Churchyard
John Ruthven Fraser Unknown
Lawrence Donald Gardner
Geoffrey Charles George
VII, E, 21., Minturno War Cemetery
Roy Thompson Greig Panel 18, Column 1., Malta Memorial
John Stuart Hallam
Column 65., Alamein Memorial
Sidney Donald Hankey
Unknown, but see here
Holger Wynne Hanson-Raae
XI. G. 10. Cassino War Cemetery. MC awarded N.Africa
John Alexander Mcallister Hayes
10. H. 12., Berlin 1939 - 1945 War Cemetery
John Bruton Healey
Cleveleys (St. Andrew) Church, Thornton-Cleveleys
Samuel Charles Holland Hood
I. B. 10., Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery
Eyre Osbourne Ievers Kirby Wharf
George Hartville Jackson
7. AA. 4., Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery
Reginald Renouf Johnston
Panel 132., Runnymede Memorial
Mounteney Kortright Column 132., Dunkirk Memorial
Anthony Francis Ladefoged
Plot 1. Row 2. Grave 12., Great Bircham (St. Mary) Churchyard
Leonard James Lendon-Smith
1. D. 16., Oued Zarga War Cemetery
Ivor Lawrence Linay
66, 2., Chatham Naval Memorial
Patrick Lloyd Morgan
Bay 5, Panel 6., Lee-on-Solent Memorial
Roger Maccs
Edwin Lambton Maling
1. E. 7., Shotley Royal Naval Cemetery
Geoffrey Northcote Christian Mieville
Panel 33., Runnymede Memorial
Harold Mitchell
Unknown (a number of possibilities exist on the CWGC website)
John Blackwell Sinclair Monypenny
Panel 4, Runnymede Memorial
Richard Lionel Stanley Morris
Panel 45, Column 2., Portsmouth Naval Memorial
James Brindley Nicolson, VC
Column 445., Singapore Memorial
Keith D'ombrain Nott
Panel 37, Column 1., Portsmouth Naval Memorial
John Jephson Nottidge
4. B. 7., Berlin 1939 - 1945 War Cemetery
Charles Talbot Orten
John Ernest Orten
Frank Shearburn Pilditch
49. K. 5., Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
David John Alwyne Pipe
III. F. 12.,Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery
Geoffrey Philip Ponder
7. G. 7., Taukkyan War Cemetery
Arthur Robert Porter
Panel 128., Runnymede Memorial
Peter Harvey O'Callaghan
Arthur Lionel Boutbec Raven
Panel 9, Runnymede Memorial
John Hawkes Reed
Leslie Ernest Sanderson
Column 2., Cambridge Crematorium
John Barter Seigne
Inniscarra Church of Ireland Churchyard
Richard Edmund Steinbank
James Douglas Steuart-Richardson
Sec. A. Grave 5996., Tonbridge Cemetery
Peter Alfred Street
Block I. Grave 195., Bromley Hill Cemetery
Adrian John Vicary
Birmingham, County Borough
Kenneth Ward
Panel 133., Runnymede Memorial
James Edward Loxley Waring
Halstead (St. Margaret) Churchyard
John Hylton Welford
Sec. B. Grave 1073., Minster (Thanet) Cemetery
Irvine Syme Wheelwright
Panel 10, Runnymede Memorial
Peter Norman Whitney
Peter Merideth Wooldridge
Panel 130., Runnymede Memorial
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