At Yardley Court we want the boys to be challenged and stimulated by mathematical ideas but we also want pupils who are confident in their ability to process concepts and attempt risky new strategies to solve problems. Boys in Year 3 to 6 work from the Abacus scheme of work, this follows on from the work they have covered in Pre-Prep. Abacus is a web based product which offers children an online learning platform which they can use at home to consolidate skills they have been taught in class. We also subscribe to Education City and MyMaths which offer children further online tools which they can use to revise key topics. The majority of prep set in Yardley Court will be web based using one of these three online tools.   

The boys are encouraged to be fluent in their numeracy and we are always aiming for mastery of the objectives covered. We focus on quality, not quantity and the children are encouraged to think and solve problems using their skills. We use the weekly 'Tables King' test with most of Years Four, Five and some of Year Six to encourage this fluency. Knowledge of times tables and number bonds is a learning exercise which is paramount to success in Maths. The more parents can do to support us in developing a secure knowledge base, the more easily the boys will access the curriculum.

It is important that the boys are introduced to words and phrases that have specific mathematical meaning, and we encourage the boys to use technical language in oral work and, where appropriate, in written work.

Problem-solving and investigations give the boys opportunities to develop strategies, take risks, articulate ideas and modify their work. Maths is ultimately about solving problems in a clear and logical manner. This element of our teaching is key to the children’s future success.  

Maths is a key element of the Kent 11+. Our delivery of the curriculum ensures that we prepare the boys well for this examination. Those boys who stay on to do Common Entrance and scholarship start this process in Year 6, where we move away from Abacus and use the Galore Park programme of study.

Maths is a heavily examined subject and it is important that we enrich the curriculum fully so that our children see the subject as more than just exam preparation. Year 5 and 6 take part in the Primary Maths Challenge. Years 6-8 complete the Junior Maths Challenge and our top Year 7 and 8 boys complete the very demanding Intermediate Maths Challenge. We also take part in a wide variety of Maths competitions and run our very successful Somerhill event.  When the boys leave us they should be both capable and confident mathematicians.



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