Geography is a wonderfully varied subject that crosses a host of disciplines and brings together many strands of learning. At Yardley Court we aim to equip pupils with geographical knowledge as well as skills that they can apply in other areas of their learning. We encourage the boys’ interest in the relationship between people and their environment, including, importantly, their own; thinking in particular about the issue of sustainability. We hope to inspire our pupils to have an open-minded interest in important contemporary geographical issues, of which there are many.                                                    

Physical and Human Geography are taught in subject specific lessons from Year Three, covering topics which include mapping; global locations; farming and village life; the challenges of urbanisation; comparative studies of developing and developed countries; earthquakes and volcanoes; mountains more generally; sustainability and the local environment; coasts and extreme weather hazards; climate, including microclimates; and rivers. The development of enquiry skills is key and in addition to spending time getting our hands dirty and making observations in the school grounds, we have full programme of fieldwork including trips to local communities, a morning at a farm, a day at the coast, another in a river, and adventures to London to investigate transport and, separately, the QE11 park in Stratford. Our topics are in line with National Curriculum expectations and also prepare our boys for Common Entrance and Scholarship. In all of this we hope to foster a lifelong interest in the subject and a recognition that Geography ‘is all around us’.


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