The History syllabus aims to teach children about past events in a factual way, but also to develop vital intellectual skills which can be applied in a wider context. Source analysis and essay writing allow children to develop analytical and literacy skills which will be useful throughout their lives. We see the study of history as a means of understanding the world in which we live by learning about how and why it has come about. History is, above all, the study of human behaviour and children learn about themselves and their society in a uniquely meaningful way. We pride ourselves on being able to make past events relevant and interesting to our pupils. We are fortunate to have access to technological resources which help to bring history alive. The children are no longer reliant on only textbooks; with the huge array of material available over the internet there is a wealth of information to support their learning.

History in Year 3 begins with an investigation of Ancient Greece before moving on to focus on the Romans in Britain. In Year 4 the boys study Ancient Egypt followed by the Anglo Saxons. Topics are studied in an active and 'hands on' style using a variety of media, drama, topic books and ICT. In Year 5 our boys study the Vikings followed by a local Tudor study which includes a trip to Singleton History Museum. Much of the Year 6 is spent on Medieval Realms and topics include the feudal system, the Black Death, and the Peasants’ Revolt. We then move on to a themed study of the 100 Years War.

In Years 7 and 8 we follow the Common Entrance syllabus, Medieval Realms: Britain 1066-1485 and The Making of the United Kingdom: 1485-1750. Boys study all the Tudor monarchs, with particular attention paid to the Reformation, the Elizabethan Settlement and the Armada. We then move onto the Stuarts and spend some time on the Civil War and Restoration and look at the start of the Georgian period. Scholars embark on a syllabus which hones their source skills and requires them to tackle more abstract topics such as 'is history only written by the winners?', and the causes of war.

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