Latin is taught at Yardley Court from Year 5 onwards in a four-year program leading to Common Entrance or Public School Scholarship.

The aims of the department include teaching comprehension of the Latin language for reading purposes, developing from the outset an understanding of the content, style and values of Roman civilisation, and trying to foster an appreciation of the permanent value of Latin as an academic discipline in the 21st century. We also seek to kindle the imagination of pupils through contact with the classical world, and provide an enjoyable stimulus for further study of languages.

In addition to these general aims there are specific learning skills which we hope our pupils will acquire. These are, in no order of priority:

  • to produce a written translation of a Latin passage in good idiomatic English
  • to recognise the connections between Latin and a large part of contemporary English vocabulary
  • to increase pupils’ awareness of the society, values and culture of the Roman world
  • to encourage comparative judgments between the ancient Roman world and that of our own modern civilisation
  • to develop memory, aptitude for reasoning, and to encourage coherent logical thought and intellectual curiosity
  • to reach competence in the Common Entrance examination at Level 2 or 3
  • to tackle the challenges of senior school scholarship with flair and confidence.


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