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The role of Class Rep is essentially a fun one, and shouldn't be too onerous or time-consuming! Some choose to do it alone, others prefer to double-up and share the role.

The Class Rep Co-ordinator will ensure you are made aware of any information to be forwarded on to your parents and the teachers may have the odd email they'd appreciate you disseminating. An outline of the duties covered by a Class Rep follows:

If you have any questions please contact the class rep co-ordinator: sspa@somerhill.org

  • Preparation of Class Contact List

    During the first couple of weeks of September, the Class Rep compiles a list of all children in the class, whether they have siblings, the names of their parents and contact details. With the exception of the Nursery Classes, this is simply a case of updating the list from the previous year. Some class lists, particularly in Pre-Prep, include the child's date of birth as it's really handy for organising/combining birthday parties. The easiest way to obtain new (or to check existing) information is to ask the class teacher to pop a form for completion in a child's book bag, which can be returned to you in the same way. Once you have a full listing, email it out to all your parents. A sample list is attached.

  • Flow of Information

    From time to time, the Class Rep-Co-ordinator will send out emails, requesting help, or passing on information to the parental body. It is your job to forward these emails on in a timely manner to your classes.

  • Social Get-Togethers

    For those parents who are able, it's nice to meet up outside school drop-off and pick-up. The Class Rep suggests dates for chats over coffee, lunches or dinners - whatever works best for your group of parents. The venues also vary according to people's circumstances and location - there is no obligation to host at your house!

  • Parent Association Meetings

    Every term, there is a Full PA Meeting which is attended by the PA Committee, the three Somerhill Headteachers and the Class Representatives. As the discussions at these meetings ultimately affect the parents and children at the school, it is advisable to attend. After each meeting, you may choose to provide a synopsis of the meeting to your class via email. Minutes of all meetings are also available on the website and you can send these minutes on to your class if you wish. The PA Committee also meet independently every 4-6 weeks (depending on forthcoming events) and Class Reps are very welcome to also attend these meetings if they wish to.

  • School Events

    The Parents Association run various events throughout the year and are often looking for volunteers to support and help the sub-committees in the run-up and on the day of these activities. The Class Reps are asked to ensure their parents know about these events and to try and cajole as many as possible to offer their services!

  • Teacher Liaison

    A list of Class Reps is held by the School Office and a copy is also on display in the Staff Room. Sometimes the teachers will ask the Class Rep to co-ordinate the supply of food for end of term parties with parents, or you may be asked to send a reminder to everyone about a school trip, or mufti day. Please be assured that the Class Rep does not get involved in any pupil/teacher issues. Somerhill has an open door policy and parents are encouraged to speak directly to their teachers or year heads about any concerns.

  • Teachers' Gifts

    It is customary, although by no means obligatory, for parents to group together and present their teacher with an end of year gift, and sometimes a separate Christmas gift. Some parents, particularly those with 3 or 4 children at the school, have expressed concern at the amounts requested for group gifts, so as a guideline, the PA Committee suggests a £10 annual contribution (split 50/50 between Christmas/end of year and shared between teachers/assistants) as appropriate. Please make it clear that all contributions are entirely voluntary and it's important that parents are given the choice to opt in or out of this practice. It is worth noting that at a recent PA meeting, Mr Coakley said that whilst the staff greatly appreciated the parents’ generosity at Christmas time, a few words in a card would be just as rewarding.

  • Replacement

    Just before the June half term, the Class Rep Co-ordinator will prompt you about sourcing a replacement for your class for the following school year. It is really important that these roles are filled before the end of term so that the new Reps contact details can be collated ready for September. It takes a little longer for Reception and Year 3 as new class details are often not known until the end of term. However, please can Kindergarten and Year 2 reps persevere and get the information back to the Class Rep Co-ordinator as soon as they can.

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