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Y3 First inter-school Match
3rd October 2014

There was great excitement on Thursday 2nd October as most of the Year Three girls had their first taste of school matches. We put 3 U8 teams out against Dulwich Prep and the girls did DL proud with 2 wins (2 – 0 and 5 – 0) and one loss (0 - 3). For the majority of girls, the afternoon was a huge learning experience as they tried to remember all the rules, positions on court, and skills they have started learning in lessons this term. Everyone put in a valiant effort and the teachers were impressed with the progress each team made. There is clearly lots of potential amongst the girls in this year group so we are looking forward to seeing this develop - and DL enjoying many more wins this season.

Thank you to the eager parents who came along to support – it makes a big difference to hear that cheering.  Please keep on coming – yes, even when it is freezing cold and drizzly in February!

Mrs M

Take a look at the matches in our Picture Gallery

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