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What Did You Do in the War?
7th January 2015

During the first half of Michaelmas term, a project launched by the children’s newspaper First News caught the boys’ imaginations. It was called, ‘What Did You Do in the War?’

First News wanted to hear of any family stories from the Second World War, whether Great Granddad fought at D-Day, if Great Auntie was a battlefield nurse, cracked codes or hid under a table during the Blitz … who knows what extraordinary life experiences might turn up with a little digging? The best written and most interesting stories would be printed in the newspaper and possibly find their way into an anthology, too, which would be published by children’s publishers, Walker Books. Mr Macdonald and his story writing club embraced the opportunity to explore some of the YC boys’ family histories.

What came back from the boys were the most extraordinary accounts of war-time experiences, as dramatic as they were deeply moving; and such a variety, too. We are proud to announce that no less than three of these stories have found their way into print: those of Louis van Oordt, Sam Howard and Seb Gillece. Click here to read their stories.

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