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Racing to Mathematics Success
24th April 2015

There’s nothing like a bit of exercise to get those grey cells going.

On Thursday evening, our Yardley Court U12 boys combined their speedy mathematics with well paced running to sprint to victory in the annual Sutton Valence Maths Challenge.

With the clock ticking, the team had to answer 20 questions in quick succession. For each question they worked out the answer as a team, sent a runner to their marker, received a correct/incorrect result and then, for any incorrect answers, had to decide, with haste, if they wanted to try again or pass. 

Our Yardley Court team excelled at both their mathematics and strategic thinking to gain 65 points out of 100, a clear 10 points ahead of second place. Well done Seb Coddington, Will Thompson, Harvey Wen and Tom Rigney (in the photo above with Sutton Valence Headmaster Bruce Grindlay). They follow in the footsteps of previous winning Yardley Court teams from 1999, 2003 and 2010. 

Our U13 team worked really hard, had a strong start and worked well as a team but a couple of tough questions held them back. A good effort from Henry Garrard, Tom Williams, Oliver Baylay and Oliver Poole.

Next Thursday our Derwent Lodge and Yardley Court Year 6, 7 and 8s will be participating in the Junior Maths Challenge. Good Luck Somerhill mathematicians!  

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