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Project Lara
14th June 2015


True strength is not simply conquering obstacles. It is helping others overcome them. 

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Kent Messenger:  http://www.kentonline.co.uk/tonbridge/news/3d-hand-built-by-classmates-38932


In June, 200 Somerhill children and staff welcomed six guests and their families to our schools to participate in a hand making workshop involving 3D printing, robotics and a lot of teamwork.

Ewan, Daniel, Loen, Zoe, Oscar and Louise and your families; thank you for being with us and inspiring us to find solutions that we can all design and build together. 

Mrs Pope, your illustration of the intricacies of our hand movements and presentation showing us how we take so much for granted when we do the simplest of things was enlightening and set us up for a great afternoon.

Mrs PB and our NHS visitors from Kings College Hospital and the Kent & Medway Prosthetics unit; taking the time to share your experiences with us was very generous and the amount of context you gave us was incredibly useful. 

TechieLab, what can we say? David, your patience, expertise and sheer hard graft to get all of the components, instructions, printers, tools and so much more ready to share with our guests, staff and pupils was an inspiration in itself. 

Thank you to our staff, our Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 pupils, our parents, our guests and the wider Somerhill community for your focus, your diligence, your enthusiasm and encouragement. 

From Lara..."It was an amazing day and was really interesting to see other one handed children. Thank you to Mrs Saffer, David at Techielab, and Somerhill for literally giving me a helping hand."

We are learning so much about changing our own world. 



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