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Fossil Hunting Fun!
30th September 2015

Year One had a real treat today. Ed, a dinosaur and fossil expert, visited Somerhill to help us learn all about becoming palaeontologists. 

The children found out that dinosaurs lived not 65 years ago, not 650 years ago, but 65 million years ago... “even before my Daddy was born!”

Ed talked about how fossils were formed and showed a very old fossil that was on our planet before the dinosaurs started living here. 

Daniel impressed Ed by telling us reptiles lived on earth before dinosaurs and had thick, scaly skins. The fossil we were looking at was of an Icythosaur; 200 million years old and  Daniel’s favourite Jurassic creature.

After a very informative discussion about carnivores and herbivores the children set to work, carefully brushing sand from special fossils. There were information posters and special folders to help us to identify the fossils and we learnt that girl ammonites are four times as large as boys! Ronan told Ed that the first fossils were found by Mary Anning.

After lunch, we met a baby dinosaur called Jack. He is just seven weeks old and was a little bit scared of Year One although he did find Hebe’s hand quite tasty! We then went outside to see a lovely herbivore, called Herbie, having a little snack on the lawn. Just as we were getting comfortable in the sunshine, big scary Millie came along. She is seven years old and enormous but surprisingly camera shy. 

Thank You Ed, Jack, Herbie and Millie for a very exciting and enlightening workshop.  

Fossil Hunting Photos

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