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Tom Palmer
17th October 2015

Tom Palmer visited Yardley Court to share his experiences and love of reading, writing and goal scoring!

Tom was born in Leeds and enjoyed his early school days. He didn’t enjoy senior school quite so much and would not read at all if he could get away with it. Books were just too intimidating. Sport (and his Mum!) came to the rescue, when he started reading everything he could about football in his late teens. His Mum found football magazines, short stories and autobiographies for him. Novels then caught his attention. His stamina and appetite for reading grew in to a passion for literature. While the other boys he knew were getting in to trouble, Tom stayed in and read everything he could find. He worked as soon as he left school as a milkman and sent himself to evening classes to complete his A’ Levels. He then went on to study Modern European Literature at university. His wife encouraged him to have a go at writing and 35 published books later, he’s a hugely popular author, with a long burning passion for Leeds United. Tom’s favourite character, out of the many that he has written, is Lily in ‘Secret FC’. She sees things from other people’s perspective and her character was inspired by his own daughter.

Tom’s visit to Yardley Court began with an interview by two big fans of his, Archie McCulloch and Archie Steddon, from Year 5. Their report will be available in our next SAS Newsletter and will include top tips for writing a book, Tom’s favourite sport and book plus a sneak preview of his next writing theme.

Tom then talked to small groups of YC pupils about the inspiration for his stories, his research on Russian billionaires, ghosts and submarines and his travels to Toulon and beyond. He quizzed the boys on their reading and sporting knowledge. The quiz winners then competed in an indoor penalty competition with passionate support from their classmates!

Thank you, Tom, for a fantastic morning. 

Tom’s blog and lots more can be read at tompalmer.co.uk



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