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Knole Run
20th November 2015

The Junior Knole Run – November 20th 2015

We have tried and come so close many times before but have yet to win the Knole run. The one space still left on the trophy cabinet. Was today going to be our day?

It was a magnificent day to run, blue skies and firm ground (on the whole), the biggest cross country event of the year. We have the English schools cup in two weeks but it doesn’t get close in magnitude. 316 boys took part from 38 different schools over a gruelling 3.4km course in Knole Park. Even David Beckham was there!

Our boys approached the race with great calmness and lots of determination. So much of success in sport is about learning from experience and a number of our boys had competed in this event three or four times over the years. Some way back when they were just little Year 5 chaps.

Fin Croll was first home with a fabulous second place, remember he’s still Year 7! Next in was the ever improving Josh O’Brien (4th), James Mardon (6th, determined to beat Romeo Beckham) and Oliver Hill (9th – also Year 7). They made up our A team and finished with an amazing 21 points and won by 57 points from RGS Guilford. They did it!

Our B team finished 4th overall with Tom Rigney 16th, Ollie Croll (Year 6!) 25th, Will Tyler 27th and Ethan Page 30th. What a performance that was.

Our C team also did us proud finishing 15th overall. Effectively our A, B and C teams all won their respective categories. Freddie Nicolson (55th) and Marcus Cook (78th) are the boys gaining experience for the future, both in Year 6, who will come back stronger and stronger. Seb Tute was a very commendable 46th and our veteran Knole runner Tom Pitts-Tucker 42nd. If you consider that Marcus Cook had 238 boys behind him when he crossed the finish line you can see what a great afternoon Yardley had.

A fantastic effort from all the boys, as you can imagine we were very proud teachers and parents at the presentation.  Success is connected with action. It doesn’t come by accident. The boys are so very determined, always learning from each race and always moving forward.  Brilliant!

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