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Festive Cheer
27th November 2015

On Wednesday, Yardley Court Drama Club (Years 5 and 6) took to the stage for their production of ‘A Christmas Carol’.

The mood was set by a group of boys, clad in Victorian garb, singing beautiful carols while the audience enjoyed some festive refreshments.

The whole cast worked very hard and did a wonderful job, learning some tricky lines and pulling together brilliantly.

There was a lovely cameo appearance from Fergus and Oscar, our Year 3 actors, who very sportingly agreed to play the two children clinging to the Ghost of Christmas Present, and our Year 6 stage management team were great backstage.

Well done, everyone, for a great show, and a wonderful start to the Christmas season.

We are looking forward to our Christmas Fair, Pre-School nativities, Reception Carolling, Year 1 Play, Junior Carol Service at St Stephen's and Senior Carol Service at The Chapel at Tonbridge School. A festive time ahead for all!

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