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Lego League Nationals!
9th December 2015

First Lego League challenges 233,000 children from over 80 countries to compete and learn from one another. The competition is aimed at 9 to 16 year olds.

Our teams at Somerhill this year, Telekinetics and Legoneers, include Derwent Lodge and Yardley Court pupils from Years 4 to 7. On Thursday 8th December, they travelled to Canterbury to attend the Kent tournament at the University of Kent.

The competition was strong, with 8 schools participating on day one, including Tonbridge Grammar and lots of teams with pupils much older than ours. Drawing on experience from last year’s competition and with a good dose of bravery, teamwork and perseverance from our new team members, Telekinetics scored highly in the Robot challenge across several rounds and went on to victory – in both the Robot challenge and across the competition overall! A fantastic achievement that will lead them onwards to the UK National Final at the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Loughborough in February 2016.

One of the key tenets of FLL is that participants learn that friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals, and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork. Values that chime with our own here at Somerhill.

Our Legoneers were commended on their excellent project work and were very proud of their friends in the Telekinetics team. The teams have been designing, building, coding and creating for most of the year and have really enjoyed listening to ideas, drawing out concepts, trying them out and extending their design, technology and negotiation skills.

We look forward to hearing more from our young engineers as they prepare for the UK Final and wish them all the best for their next set of challenges. Congratulations Harrison, Harriet, Thomas, Alice, William, Bertie, Willem, Adam, Kayla, Seb, Olivia, Henry, Isabella, George, William and Felix and a big Thank You to Miss Cashmore and Mrs Saffer.



If you're wondering what they're doing in some of the photos, they’re trying to build a shark out of a balloon without talking!

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