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BBC World News
21st January 2016

BBC World News journalist Karin Giannone gave Derwent Lodge a fascinating assembly, sharing her experiences of working in the BBC newsroom and on global assignments. Judging by the number of hands popping up at question time, we may well have some inquisitive interviewers in the making!

Karin told us lots of funny stories about being caught out on camera and described how news teams work together to bring stories to a wide audience. We learnt about overcoming a sudden loss of words and keeping up to date on the news of the day in readiness to jump in and commentate at a moment's notice. We also heard how hard it is to balance emotions when writing and talking about difficult situations but how important it is to tell these stories on behalf of those who have no voice.

After assembly, Year 5 had a taste of life in the studio with an autocue game and they watched 'A day in the life of a journalist'. They asked lots of questions to learn more about the how Ms Giannone became a journalist and to hear, first hand, about life at the BBC.

Thank you Ms Giannone for visiting us today. We're all watching and learning!


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