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Celebrating Shakespeare
26th April 2016

We start our journey with Yardley Court Year 8 on the shores of the island of Bermuda. Is that a shipwreck we see in the distance? In our imaginations at least... 

In 1611, the year that the mansion at Somerhill rose from stone and oak, tales of a shipwreck near a Bermudian island inspired Shakespeare to write The Tempest. 

In celebration of his life, we read aloud from The Tempest and remembered some of the lessons we have enjoyed exploring his works. 

While discussing the phrase "We are the stuff that dreams are made on..." with Year 1 Pre-Prep, a remark was made about perhaps dreaming of being an astronaut. "No", said Freddie, "I am going to be a poet". We think the Bard would approve!


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