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8th June 2016

The Schools Aquathlon is a children’s swimming and running event which was launched in 2012 as a new initiative for England’s Olympic year to get as many children as possible involved in trying out a new sport. It is the perfect introduction to the popular and ever growing sport of Triathlon. To date over 2500 boys and girls aged between 7 and 13 have entered this fantastic competition.

A terrific 80+ children from Somerhill competed in the 2016 Schools Aquathlon at Caterham School yesterday. They had a great day in almost tropical conditions! All of our pupils competed very well, with lots of medals awarded.

Derwent Lodge

Gold: Harriet, Amber & Eva (Y3 Intro, Y4 Intro, Y4 Sprint)

Silver: Ella & Lily (Y4 Intro, Y4 Sprint)

Bronze : Niamh, Darcy & Sara (Y3 Intro, Y5 Intro & Y6 Olympic!)

Yardley Court

Gold: Seamus (Y4 Sprint)

Silver: Tom (Y5 Sprint)

Bronze: Charles, Ryan and Marcus (Y4 Intro, Y4 Sprint and Y6 Olympic!)

A full set of results is listed at https://app.lap.io/event/2016-schools-aquathlon/results.

We are very proud to see so many of our Yardley Court and Derwent Lodge girls and boys in these results. Well done everyone!



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