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Read To Your Pet
15th June 2016

We may not be able to, “Talk to the animals”, but we can read to them!

Our latest literary competition here at The Schools at Somerhill was inspired by Chester, Mr Knight's new puppy. Our librarian, Mrs Smith,  was excited about the prospect of training Chester as a “Bark and Read” dog. The National Literacy Trust offers lots of advice, but she realised that it takes quite a few years to turn a lively puppy into a calming non-judgemental listener. Unable to wait several years, the next best thing was to run a photo competition of the pupils reading to their own pets. The photos speak for themselves.

Thank you to all of the parents who captured their children reading on camera. We had a fantastic variety of pets and locations with Highland Cattle being read to on the Isle of Lismore... Great Scot!

Our competition winners are Christin with Atticus and Henry with Luna. They both received their choice of book from Mrs Smith's Narnia cupboard. Well done everyone!



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