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Robotics Research
26th June 2016

The Centre for Robotics Research at Kings College, London welcomed our Lego League teams to their Open Day yesterday. They had an amazing array of robots to operate first hand and we had an extra special look at their basement labs. Their post graduate students use the same platform to learn the building blocks of robotics programming as we do here at Somerhill. It was fantastic to see how they build their robots and hear about ways in which they extend their learning in to research. We are working with rigid components when we look to solve the challenges set in our IDT lessons and Lego League. They are taking that a step further by incorporating the sensors we use in our lego builds in to soft materials that feed back information and generate a response. Making robots more life-like and responsive is a key area of growth in this rapidly evolving industry.

In the main robotics display room, our boys and girls met students who showed them a variety of different robots, including a cat that can feel and respond in a very life like way, an endoscope that can be operated remotely to assist surgeons, a climbing prosthetic that simulates an Italian goat's ability to scale sheer rock faces, a crawling bot that can get almost anywhere and dance... and many more!

We finished our visit with a walk in the sunshine past The Royal Courts of Justice and St Paul's Cathedral.

Thank you to the research assistants and students who shared their work with us today. We are looking forward to showing you our lab and work when you visit us here at Somerhill.

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