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8th November 2016

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re at the highest point of the biggest, scariest rollercoaster you’ve ever seen. You’re just about to drop, heart pounding, stomach lurching. You step out and the sound of the crowd roars and echoes around the pool. Welcome to Rio 2016; London 2012; Beijing 2008; Athens 2004.

Claire Cashmore visited Somerhill and shared her experiences of four Paralympic Games and twenty years of training and competing nationally and internationally.

Pre-School loved hearing about all of the things Miss Cashmore can do and sharing her medals and mascot (Tom). Pre-Prep wanted to know how she got that outfit(!) and shared some of their ambitions and dreams. Yardley Court heard all about Miss Cashmore’s training (9 sessions in the pool and 5 in the gym each week) and her progression across four Paralympic games’ (and counting!). Derwent Lodge quizzed Claire on her mobilisation techniques and event preparation. We all learnt a little about the journey from hiding what makes you different to celebrating it and pushing yourself to prove that anything is possible.

Thank you Miss Cashmore for visiting Somerhill. We’re looking forward to Tokyo! 



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