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First Lego League Finals
28th February 2017

First Lego League UK & Ireland Finals, Bristol, Sunday 26th February 2017

First Lego League is a global competition with tens of thousands of children aged 9 to 16 competing to complete timed robot missions, project presentations, team challenges and technical interviews. In the UK, the competition begins at the start of the school year in September, giving each team just 12 school weeks to design, build, program and test their robot alongside researching and developing a project to present to a panel of judges. This year's project involved the teams proposing an innovative solution to improve the relationship between humans and animals. They included animals being moved around the table in fragile tanks, bees flying on to hives, milking machines and more.

Our Telekinetics team was delighted to win one of the Kent rounds of the competition at the University of Kent, Canterbury in December, to qualify for the UK & Ireland National Final held in Bristol on Sunday. The eight strong team of boys and girls from Yardley Court and Derwent Lodge used skills taught as part of our Innovation, Design & Technology programme to tackle robot mission challenges, create a project on an Animal Allies theme and develop their team skills.

The team performed well together and really enjoyed themselves. They had a tricky start on the first run with the robot. They persevered on the practice tables and achieved their highest ever score! They received praise from the judges on the quality of their project presentation, which described a device to keep dolphins safe near fishing nets. In the teamwork challenge they each had to mime an animal and then organise themselves in alphabetical order based on their animal, all within a few minutes. They were given a cat, dog, cow and an ostrich! They worked well together and succeeded in their task.

Well done Charlotte, Felix, George, Henry, Kayla, Olivia, Sebastian and Will.



Photos from the Kent Round: https://www.flickr.com/photos/somerhillthree/albums/72157677408659406

A video from the Finals will be available soon at http://firstlegoleague.theiet.org/


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