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DL Prizegiving
13th July 2017

Bonita Norris has climbed the world’s highest mountains and skied to the North Pole. She climbed Mount Everest at just 22 years old, has led teams on Kilimanjaro and is a champion for the great British outdoors.

On Wednesday 12th July, Miss Norris shared her adventures with Derwent Lodge and presented prizes and trophies to girls across the school. The strong messages she gave the girls resonated with all of us. Take that first step, challenge yourself and face your fears head on. We can all do it!

Thank you to the Swing Band, the DL Flute Quartet, DL Senior Choir and the girls of Year Six for entertaining us with wonderful music performances throughout the evening.

An album of photos is available at www.flickr.com/somerhillthree/albums


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