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Birds of Prey
19th January 2018

Rocky, Maggie, Soren, Bob and their friends called in to say hello to our Reception children today.

We learnt a lot about their home countries, habitats, hunting habits and the things they like to eat.

Soren is a British Barn Owl. We met little Oscar too, who is a baby Barn Owl – an owlet.

Bob is an Indian Eagle Owl with beautiful, big orange eyes for nocturnal hunting.

Rocky is a Great Horned Owl from North America. He has a beautiful face with tufts that are called plumicorns.

Maggie is a Lanner Falcon from Africa. In the wild, she would swoop along the savanna; steady, strong and fast in horizontal pursuit of her prey.

We also saw a Harris Hawk from South America fly right over the mansion in to a very blue sky, circling back for a morning snack. We heard all about how clever these hawks are – one of the most intelligent birds of prey.

A photo abum is available at www.flickr.com/somerhillthree/albums


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