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Royal Academy of Art
20th January 2018

Our Year Seven boys extended their drawing skills with a Life Drawing workshop from the Royal Academy of Art.

The Mansion Hall at Somerhill was transformed in to an artist’s studio, with the boys using charcoal, pastels and chalks to capture the shape and form of a female life-model in different poses. They were encouraged to experiment and take risks with their drawing, learning from their mistakes and stepping back to assess their work. They were asked to “have courage but know when to stop”. Different styles emerged as the boys gained confidence and realised how working from life brings an energy and immediacy to their studies, with an appreciation of the near impossibility of creating identical copies of a sketch. The workshop focused on the boys bringing their drawings to life, eschewing perfection to express the energy of each piece. In the afternoon, they worked on big scale drawing with a theme of “observation meets imagination”.

The observations made today will inform the 3D models which the boys will be creating from wire and modroc later in the term.

Thank you to Paul and Danielle for an excellent workshop and to the boys of Year Seven for their superb focus and flair.

Photos of the workshop are available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/somerhillthree/albums


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