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Tunbridge Wells Museum Toys
1st February 2018

Our Derwent Lodge Year Four girls listened to a fascinating talk by a curator from the Tunbridge Wells Museum. They heard about the thousands of artefacts displayed at our local museum, their origins and the techniques and materials used to create them. The girls then spent some time drawing some very special antique toys, kindly loaned to us from the museum for the morning.

The bear in the photo was given to a young boy by his parents, as he boarded the train to be evacuated from London in the Second World War. His mother and father asked the little boy to keep the bear close and cuddle him tight whenever he missed home. As the gentleman grew older, he approached the museum to give the bear a new home, so that they could look after him and share his story. The bear’s beautiful, hand sewn clothes are pristine, eighty years on.

An album of photos is available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/somerhillthree/albums



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