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Fantastic First Lego League Results
4th December 2013

On Tuesday 3rd December two teams of both DL and YC pupils headed off to the University of Kent to compete in the First Lego League, a competition to build and then program a Lego robot to complete various challenges.  They also had to present a project to help in deal with natural disasters.  The teams had been working hard since September and the day would be the culmination of all that work.

FLL TeamsBattling against teams mostly from secondary schools, both teams ranked in the top 10, but only the 8 could proceed to the Quarter Finals. One team, LYDCOS, narrowly missed out, coming 9th, but the other team, Legoneers, was through, coming 7th!!

After a tense Quarter Final round the Legoneers managed to battle up to 5th, missing out getting to the Semi-Final by one place.

Both teams presented to the judges extremely well.  So well in fact that the Legoneers won best project, coming away with a Lego trophy!

Well done to both teams, and we look forward to next year's results!!

See photos of the event. 


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