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DL Rocket through the Decades
21st March 2014

DL girls shot through the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's in one week.  Each year had a decade they learnt about through the week, culminating in them all dressing up as their year.  Here is just a taster of what happened.

Year 3

By Miss Luke 

Year 3 travelled back in time to the decade of excessive hair height and legwarmers galore last week.  They looked in depth through extensive research how technologies developed year by year in the 1980’s and were shocked at the size of the first mobile phone!  Year 3 used maths skills to play Pacman and even created their own giant Rubik’s cube.  The practicality of the Sinclair C5 was debated and girls were captivated by Mr Benn’s adventures and the quest’s of Dangermouse.  

Year 4

By Mrs Green

Phew! Now that was a busy week running through the 1950’s for Year 4! The girls are now desperate to be taken on holiday to Butlin’s, are very glad sweets are not rationed anymore and are thankful their clothes and TV programmes are a lot more interesting nowadays! Thank you for your supreme efforts with their clothes today, what a rock n’ roll bunch they are! Our final assembly today was a mass of information all delivered in chronological order from the ‘50’s to the ‘80’s and I know they have enjoyed the week and have a real sense of how life has changed over the decades. 

Year 5

By Mrs Bingham

Year Five girls did the 70s in style during our decades week. We had a fantastic week, learning about decimalisation, 70s fashion, transport, the first miners strikes and the ‘Winter of Discontent’, the death of Elvis and the first ever ‘Test Tube Baby’. Friday was the grand flourish to the week where all of the girls dressed in their 70s gear and performed ‘The Hustle’ in our assembly. What an amazing week! 

Year 6

By Mrs Lester

The focus for Year Six was The 60s. We looked at  the Moon in Science and the girls made and launched their own rockets in the school grounds. In Geography we researched world events and where  they occurred. The music of The Beatles was a highlight and we compared’ Eleanor Rigby’ with the poem ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph which the girls subsequently performed in the final Assembly. Transport was another area studied in History, which covered the building of the first Motorway, Beeching’s cuts on the railway and air travel. Mini skirts and flower power were in evidence as the girls ‘strutted their stuff’ on the ‘catwalk’. A fabulous time was had by all!

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