SPP Sports Day

What a fabulous day for the PreSchool Sports Day. A tranquil setting on the formal lawns with the sun overhead. The children had been practicing most of the term and their hard work certainly paid off. They sat beautifully waiting for there turn then took to the arena to showcase their fundamental skills. The development has been amazing with them all being able to complete the running, jumping and balancing tasks. All of this coupled with the task of waving at their parents!
Well done everybody.

2022  Rising 3 Sports Day

2022 Rising 4 Sports Day

Reception, Year 1 and 2

Huge congratulations also to all the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 for their superb efforts on Sports Day. All their training for the big day certainly paid off , as they showcased a variety of skills, including tackling the obstacle course, launching the ribbon balls and Nerfs and the ultimate test of concentration with the egg and spoon relay! I was delighted to see wonderful signs of sportsmanship throughout the day from all year groups.

A special mention must go to Kit Hawkins and Eleanor Lawler-Payne (Reception), Miller Ashley and Alicia Clark (Year 1), Henry Taylor and Willa Peters (Year 2) for winning the prestigious Sportsmanship Awards. Congratulations also to 2VM for battling their way to victory to be crowned the Tug of War champions. Well done everyone. You should be tremendously proud of all your achievements.

2022 Reception Sports Day

2022 Year 1 and 2 Sports Day