Derwent Lodge
Creative Arts

We believe that fostering children’s creativity is crucial in creating resilience and promoting confidence. Music, drama and art are integral to life at Somerhill, and give children relevant life skills.


The sound of strings or vocal harmonies can often be heard on our premises, with so many pupils learning musical instruments and taking singing lessons. We have a specialist music centre, with IT suites, practice rooms and concert space and many peripatetic music teachers. Pupils have many opportunities to learn a variety of instruments and take part in concerts, soirees and productions.


Drama is hugely encouraged at Somerhill and girls have drama lessons throughout the week with the opportunity to gain LAMDA qualifications in the co-curricular programme. Our Head of Drama fizzes with ideas and exciting projects for the children with girls getting stuck into a variety of Shakespeare plays including Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest and Macbeth. Pupils prepare poetry performances for the filming of our annual poetry soiree with everyone offered ‘time to shine’ with a solo reading.


We are proud to have many excellent young artists among our pupils – you will see lots of their work displayed around the school. All pupils have a double period of art weekly and potential senior school art scholars have extra support to develop their portfolios. Girls are taught a diverse range of techniques and skills including drawing, painting, printmaking, sewing, 3D design and pottery, graphics and animation, photography and textiles.