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Academic Record

Pupils leave Derwent Lodge at 11+, and Yardley Court at either 11+ or 13+.

When girls leave Derwent Lodge, many of them go to the Kent grammar schools, in particular Tonbridge Grammar School for Girls, Weald of Kent Grammar School and Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar. Others go on to Sevenoaks School, Kent College, Walthamstow Hall, Mayfield and other independent and state schools.

Of the boys who leave Yardley Court at 11+ many go to the local grammar schools, particularly the Judd School, the Skinners’ School and Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys. For boys leaving at 13+, Tonbridge School is the most popular destination. Others join Sevenoaks School, Bede’s, Eastbourne, Caterham and Sutton Valence.

We are proud of our academic record which demonstrates both the ability of our children and the quality of the teaching and support that the School provides.

Our aim is that they will leave Somerhill with a growth mindset and a strong attitude to learning, ready to embrace future challenges as amazing people.

Latest Leavers' Destinations

Please email for more details of the latest leavers’ destinations.

Scholarships Taken 2022

Bede’s – Drama Scholarship

Caterham –  Academic Scholarship

Kent College – 3 x Academic Scholarship, 4 x Sport Scholarship

Mayfield – Gifted and Talented Cohort, Drama Scholarship, Sports Scholarship

Sutton Valence – Sports Exhibition, Drama Scholarship

Tonbridge – Music Exhibition

Walthamstow Hall – Music Exhibition

Woldingham –  2 x Swimming Exhibition

Scholarships Taken 2021

Sutton Valence School – Drama Scholarship

Bethany – Art Scholarship

Bryanston – Performing Arts Scholarship

Kent College – Academic Scholarship, Dance Scholarship, 2 x Sport Exhibitions

Mayfield – Gifted and Talented Drama Scholarship

Sutton Valence – Drama Exhibition, 2 x Sports Scholarships, Academic Scholarship

Tonbridge – 3 x Academic Scholarships, Cowdrey Scholarship, Music Scholarship

Walthamstow Hall – Music Exhibition