During normal term time children have a demanding school day and they need free time to relax, so we keep homework to a minimum. In Pre-Prep, we might set them a reading book and some words to learn, and they may have some activities linked to their class learning. Years 3 and 4 have weekly spelling lists and regular times tables practice. In Years 5 and 6 there may be work to complete that was started during the school day, along with reading, spelling and maths activities. Pupils in Years 7 and 8 are set homework to complete each evening.

We have an excellent range of online tools for pupils to use in class and at home. Everything we have selected supports our learning ethos and complements the curriculum. Pupils can access these sites and log into the Somerhill pupils’ intranet here.

The most important thing, which we promote across all year groups, is that children read at home every day, for enjoyment and educational benefit. We have lots of reading suggestions in our Library.