Election Fever
Election fever hits Somerhill as pupils cast their votes

“If you want to raise a crop for one year, plant corn. If you want to raise a crop for decades, plant trees. If you want to raise a crop for centuries, raise men. If you want to plant a crop for eternities, raise democracies.” – Carl A Schenck

After presenting to our Somerhill community about the election process in the UK, our Year 8 boys were randomly assigned to the five main parties standing in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Malling and Tunbridge Wells. They spent time putting together presentations, designing a marketing strategy and campaign then took part in a hustings. Each party gave a presentation to the school of no more than 3 minutes, outlining their key principles and policies.

Following this, 370 pupils cast their vote, with the Conservative Party emerging as big winners. A sign of things to come? Possibly in the immediate area, but the polls suggest otherwise nationally.

Final Results:

Conservatives – 43%
Liberal Democrats – 24%
Reform UK – 16%
Green – 13%
Labour – 4%