Final Gala
Somerhill Gala

This week, Somerhill held the last gala of the season against New Beacon, and it was a well-fought competition! New Beacon boys pushed all of our swimmers to deliver their best and it was an exciting gala with just 19 points between the teams. There were some great individual performances as well as a compelling team spirit. Special mention goes to our Year 8 swimmers, Thomas Wigg, Connor Woodcock, Freddie Di Marco Hunn, Jackson Gelder and Xander Bischoff, who swam their last gala for Yardley Court. Well done, and thank you, boys!

Overall an excellent season, with only one loss. Well done to everyone for all their hard work!!

Previously our talented swimmers from Years 5 to 8 who showcased their skills at the Regional IAPS Swim at Walthamstow Hall. While we eagerly await the official results to determine if any have secured a spot in the National Finals (top 20 times in the country), our pupils achieved multiple heat wins and impressive times in both individual and relay events. Their dedication and hard work during countless hours of practise this year truly paid off.