School Life
Wraparound Care

We understand that some parents may need their children to come to school earlier or stay later than the normal school day, and we offer care before and after school from 7.30am to 5.45pm Monday to Friday.

Breakfast club

All pupils can arrive at school at 7.30am for breakfast in our dining hall where they are supervised by staff before starting their school day. Breakfast consists of cereal, toast, juice, fruit and hot chocolate. Breakfast club must be booked in advance and incurs a small fee which is added to your school account.

Early drop-off at 7.45am

Pupils from Year 3 to 8 can come to the Long Library from 7.45am where they will be supervised until the school day starts at 8.00am. There is no fee for this.

Pre-Prep after-school care until 5.45pm

We have a dedicated after-school care team who look after Pre-Prep pupils until 5.45pm Monday to Friday. This is run by Pre-Prep staff who know the children and make sure there are lots of activities for them to do. You need to pre- book this service and it will be added to your school account. There is no fee for Pre-Prep pupils using the service while waiting on their Derwent Lodge or Yardley Court siblings to finish their school day.

Derwent Lodge and Yardley Court prep until 5.45pm (5pm on Wednesdays)

Years 3 to 8 pupils can use this time to finish any outstanding school work, revise or read under staff supervision. A healthy snack is provided. There is no fee for this service but you do need to book in advance.