Maths Challenge

Congratulations to Alex (Year 7) and Marcus (Year 6), who were among a group of children that have recently taken part in the Maths Kangaroo competition. A follow-on to the Junior Maths Challenge, the Maths Kangaroo is a 60-minute, 25 multiple choice question challenge.

Alex scored an incredible 129 out of 135 and Marcus scored 107 earning themselves a certificate of merit. These are awarded to the top 25% of over 300 pupils taking the paper.

Kenzo in Year 6 took part in the Olympiad Round, a 2-hour maths paper following his incredible achievement in the first round. Kenzo has once again done himself and Somerhill proud, he scored 49 earning himself a medal and a certificate of distinction, putting him inside the top 25% of over 1200 participants nationwide in a challenge that is targeted at Year 7 and 8 pupils.

Well done to Alex, Marcus and Kenzo!