Parent Area
Pupil Safety

It is very important to us that children are safe and secure while at school, and we have a number of measures in place. The following guidelines are for the safety of you, your children, visitors and staff working at Somerhill.

Driving on site


  • Drive carefully at all times, keeping to the set speed limits, especially when driving through the parkland.
  • Follow the instructions and directions of grounds staff when asked. They are here to help but are not a substitute for you taking full responsibility for your actions.
  • Follow clearly marked footpaths and crossings at all times. Refrain from taking a more direct but riskier route to your vehicle.
  • Use the drop-off lanes wherever possible. We have provided these for children’s safety, as they have direct access to a path when getting out of the car.

Do not:

  • Use mobile phones while driving. This is illegal.
  • Park on yellow lines, unless directed to do. Parking on yellow lines compromises the ability to see children crossing during busy times and restricts the flow of traffic.
  • Sit in your car with the engine idling, as this adds to pollution.
  • Turn right at the bottom of the drive. This can cause delays to other parents leaving the site.

To ease congestion after morning drop-off, we reverse the flow through the parkland from 8.20am. The parkland entry gate will close at 8.18am to prevent an overlap of traffic.

Dogs on site

  • You can bring your dog onto the site if they are secured in your vehicle or on a lead in the parkland.
  • Dogs are not permitted outside vehicles, except in the parkland. They must not be in proximity of children or other dogs.
  • If you wish to walk your dog in the parkland, please park in the overflow car park on the right at the top of the main drive. Your dog must always be on a lead.
  • You must collect and dispose of all dog waste in the dedicated bins.

Play areas

  • Play areas are for Somerhill pupils only while under adult supervision.
  • Please supervise your child to use the designated play equipment only. It is designed for children to play on, which walls etc are not.

Mobile phones and photography

  • Please do not use your mobile phone or any photography/video equipment in areas where pupils are present.