Pre Prep Christmas
Pre Prep Christmas

Pre School and Reception worked really hard preparing for their filmed performances of the Nativity and The Inn Keepers’ Breakfast.

Christmas Craft Day

The Christmas celebrations at Somerhill started off with Pre-Prep’s fantastic Christmas Craft Day. A day filled with exciting festive craft activities, much glitter and topped off with the joy of Christmas jumpers. All children from Pre-School up to Year 2 were involved in creating many decorations ranging from hanging snowmen, Christmas baubles, finger painted wreaths, and many more.


The children all made Cristingle oranges which they lit and they then took part in a Teams Assembly with Mrs Mclauchlan.

The Christingle tradition began in Germany in 1747 when John de Watteville, minister of a Moravian church, gave children a lighted candle with a red ribbon around it. This represented Christ as the light of the world. It consists of an orange with a candle held in its centre and a red ribbon around it. Four sticks holding fruit and nuts or sweets are pierced into the orange. The orange represents the world, the red ribbon symbolises Christ’s love and blood, the lit candle represents his light in the world, the four sticks symbolise either the four points of a compass or the four seasons and the fruit or sweets represent all of God’s creations.