SPP Christmas
Pre-School Christmas

Our little Saplings have been getting into the Christmas spirit with various outdoor activities. To make a Christmas tree ornament, they rolled clay with a rolling pin, and used a bowl as a template to create a circle. They brushed their clay with glue and picked out a cutting of evergreen leaf, pressing gently onto the clay and decorating with silver and red rhinestones.

Our Saplings elves have also been busy at work with the power tools, creating a festive reindeer masterpiece to enjoy over the Christmas period. Using a bow saw, they cut a piece of wood to use for the reindeer’s head. The next activity was to use a palm drill to make holes for the antlers. They explored the site to cut some greenwood for their legs and neck and to find some ornate twigs for the antlers. They assisted in cutting these to size with the secateurs and used a hammer to secure the body parts, tacking on a small disc for the reindeer’s nose. The final steps were to paint the reindeer’s nose red and attach some eyes. The reindeer are now very patiently waiting for Christmas Eve!