The Royal Observatory
Inspiring Astronomers

Year 4 travelled to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich on Tuesday 8th November to learn more about our Solar System and how we are exploring it. Pupils were mixed up into groups from both YC and DL classes and moved around 4 different activates through their day. These included a tourist trail around the historical observatories, looking at how past scientists developed bigger and better telescopes to see into the night skies to learn about our universe.

The visit to the planetarium was a highlight for many budding astronomers as they were taken on a tour of our Solar System by one of the Observatories physicists, using the inside of the spherical dome of the planetarium as a giant screen. Students also took part in a very engaging workshop about the Sun, Moon and our Earth and tasks about how our Solar System formed which related perfectly to their current work in science lessons.

All the pupils behaved very well on the trip and were a credit to the school. Thanks to all the staff who helped the day run so smoothly and hopefully inspired the next generation of ground-breaking astronomers.

2022 Year 4 Royal Observatory