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25 April 24

House Charity

Grasmere and Marques house charity sunflower event.

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15 March 24

Saplings Get Busy

Sapling pupils have been mastering the art of egg crafting and nest-making.

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10 March 24

Silly Science

Silly science workshop has Pre-Prep in stitches!

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28 February 24

FLL Regionals

A success day at the FLL regional Finals.

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15 February 24

Soirée season

Year 5 and Year 3 instrumental pupils take to the stage.

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9 February 24

The Woodgate Library

Somerhill launches an incredible new space, The Woodgate Library.

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6 February 24

Hudson 7s

Somerhill proudly hosted our annual Hudson 7s Rugby Festival.

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3 February 24

Galactic Challenge

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30 January 24

House Fundraiser

Hudson and Windermere House Charity Day.

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