Research Project
Psychology of Food

On Wednesday, 24th April, 325 children from Years 3 to 8 had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Melissa Bujtor in a scientific research project. The project aims to explore the psychology of food choices in children.

Pupils participated by taste-testing baked goods prepared to specification by our catering team, rating the taste, and exploring the different factors that influence preference, through carefully constructed experimental questionnaires.
Through this opportunity, the children not only gained hands-on experience in scientific research but also contributed to potentially positive changes in our school food environment – results pending!

Feedback during the experiments included “This is the best tasting experience of my life”, “I’m more full than Bruce Bogtrotter” and a firm favourite “I would really like to do this again and can I suggest we work on ice cream next time?”.

Many thanks to Dr. Melissa Bujtor for setting up the research event and Alex Warne for facilitating this opportunity for Somerhill. Stay tuned for the results of the research in due course!