Birds of Prey
Avian Visitors at Somerhill

Year 6 welcomed some avian visitors on Monday to kick off their English unit on Non-Chronological Reports, linked with their focus novel Skellig. The Sky Birds of Prey display team brought in a range of their raptors and gave an interesting talk about the abilities of these amazing creatures and how they hunt. After absorbing some fascinating facts about Barn and Eagle Owls, Year 6 had the opportunity to ask some searching questions to deepen their understanding. Following this, it was time for the really exciting part – out onto the back lawns to watch the birds in action. A Barn Owl, an African Eagle Owl and a Hen Harrier all showed off their swift and silent flight – and treated us to a fly-over, which helped us imagine what it must be like to be a field mouse! We are looking forward to some super writing outcomes after such an inspiring hook.