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8 February 24

The Big Draw

Artists Hayley Hartley and Caroline Bugby ran interactive workshops that explored mark-making using a variety of media and processes.

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3 February 24

Galactic Challenge

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30 January 24

House Fundraiser

Hudson and Windermere House Charity Day.

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24 January 24

Viking Day

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11 December 23

Junior Service

The Junior Carol service was held at St Stephen’s Church in Tonbridge.

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9 December 23

Senior Carols

The Senior Carol Service, held at St Augustine’s Chapel, Tonbridge School.

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29 November 23

Day of the Dead

Year 5 celebrated the close of their ‘Day of the Dead’ project with a fantastic workshop and fiesta.

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23 November 23

Stone Age Day

An interactive Stone Age workshop!

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15 November 23

Swim Gala

Somerhill swimmers unbeaten!

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