Paul Sturgess
The World’s Tallest Basketball Player

Paul Sturgess, officially the world’s tallest professional basketball player and Great Britain’s tallest man, visited Somerhill to deliver a series of assemblies and workshops.
His assemblies were based around the idea of embracing differences both in yourself and the people around you. Being tall hasn’t held Paul back, allowing him to play professional basketball in the United States for the Texas Legends and the Harlem Globetrotters and now using his height for roles in film and TV. This has also led to him being invited into schools across Britain delivering inspirational talks as part of his ‘Wow Basketball Days’. These workshops are a part of his charitable endeavours, with all proceeds contributing to his foundation.
After his assembly to Prep children, he held a series of basketball workshops for most year groups which were great fun. He invited pupils to try out basketball tricks such as ‘around the world’, spinning the ball on your finger, and various ways to pass the ball. 🏀