Dorset Calling
Year 6 Residential Trip to Dorset

It has been a busy trips week this month, with Year 6 boys and girls taking their trip to Dorset. For the first day the children had activities including slipping down inflatable slides and an evening hike up to Purbeck Ridge with views of Poole Harbour and beyond.

During their stay the children enjoyed sandbanks, kayaking, paddle boarding and crabbing also spending time in the woods learning bushcraft skills; archery, fire making and shelter building. There was great teamwork and problem solving skills on display throughout the trip! A fun time had by all.

2022 Yr 6 Dorset Trip - Day 1

2022 Yr 6 Dorset Trip - Day 2

2022 Year 6 Dorset Trip day 3

2022 Year 6 Dorset Day 4

2022 Year 6 Dorset Day 5