Galactic Challenge
Bedes Galactic Challenge

At the end of January, a group of 12 Yr 6 girls and Yr 8 boys headed down to Bede’s Senior School in East Sussex for the 2023 Galactic Challenge.

They were tasked with creating a lunar holiday resort in the future of 2073. Our students were split into 2 different teams, Infinity and Hyperion, where they met other students who they had to work with for the day. Some took on leadership roles, while others showed their creativity in the fields of science, engineering, marketing and strategic planning. This would normally be a very difficult task with numerous aspects to consider and organise but trying to put this on the moon as well made it really very challenging!

All their work culminated in a 15-minute presentation and question and answer session to a hall full of judges, parents and the other teams competing for the winner’s prize. Our students did exceptionally well to communicate their ideas and answered some tricky questions about their futuristic holiday resort on the moon. Although neither team won, our space engineers performed brilliantly and demonstrated a variety of skills through out the day. A massive well done to all involved!

2023 Bede's Galactic Challenge